How the Pros Install Carpet Padding

Popular nationwide emergency contractors - Forum & Blogging - Check out this video to see how this type of flooring installation is done. Each subsequent section is laid flush against the seam of previous ones. Before carpet installation can begin, carpet padding needs to be installed first. The padding is then stapled into place and taped. Sections of padding are rolled out and laid one-eighth of an inch to the tack strip. Professional carpet installers use several tools to lay padding, which include a razor knife, a pad stapler, pad tape, and a pad stapler?also, pad glue if carpet is going over concrete floors. Finally, padding is cut at the baseboards and excess material is removed. ..More

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Tips for Buying Carpet Padding

Service Expert commercial contractors - DIY Guide Forums - Without padding, carpets can deteriorate quickly from stress and impact. It's true that carpet padding provides a cushion between your feet and a wooden subfloor, which can make walking on carpets enjoyable. The main purpose of padding is to alleviate the impact carpets endure on a daily basis?that is, they?re shock absorbers. However, this is not the main reason. ..More

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Comparing Types of Carpet Fibers

Directory Listing Of certified contractors - Repair, Service, Maintenance Blogs - When you first start thinking about what kind of flooring you want for your home, there are a few broad categories that can help you narrow down your choices. If you choose the latter, read on to compare types of carpet fibers. You might consider hardwood flooring costs, or you might decide on a carpet installation. ..More

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Is Berber Carpet Right for You?

List Of industrial contractors - Repair Tech Forums - It is less likely that furniture will leave a lasting imprint on Berber carpet. One of the reasons Berber carpet is so popular is that it is resistant to most stains. . Unlike other types of carpet, Berber does not show footprints or vacuum marks. This makes upkeep easier than other types of carpet that are prone to stains which can make carpet look aged and dingy. ..More

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The Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Local commercial contractors - Home Contractor Forums - Trees produce oxygen during their growth cycle. . Hardwood used in flooring is carbon neutral. After they?re harvested and turned into flooring, they store carbon within their lifetime, or service life, as a manufactured product. It has a net zero carbon footprint?that is, it balances carbon emissions with carbon offsets ..More

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