Forum Title: Carpet on a concrete slab?
Hi everyone. Its been a while since I've posted on here. Just have n't been doing much for flooring. Well that's set to change. And so I'll certainly value your input. First issue is a walkout basement that used to have water issues in the spring, but we filled the ground to a higher level along the house and put a rain gutter system on the roof. For 2 years now its been dry as a bone. I assume if the gutters are maintained it will stay dry. Anyway the basement will be used as a living area separate from the upstairs. Carpet would make a good choice for the bedroom area and the living room I'm thinking. We already installed porcelain in the kitchen area. We feel the carpet would be much warmer on the feet is the main reason. So I was wondering if I'm going nuts here and anyone had any other flooring choices to suggest, or tips for the carpet install? thanks
Category: Carpet Post By: JILL WALSH (Grand Junction, CO), 01/14/2019

Moisture in a basement isn't something you can necessarily anticipate, see, estimate, speculate upon or plan around if there's no EFFECTIVE barrier under the slab. There are ways to test the slab to get a GLIMPSE of the moisture issue. But they're only a snapshot of a specific time frame---------NO significant measure of tomorrow, let alone 5--25 years down the line or whatever hopes you have for some higher quality flooring. Do you understand how that might impact your carpet? how about the padding? Myself, I wouldn't put anything down there that wasn't impervious to moisture and that includes any patch, glue or.........well, who knows? So the problem is testing for moisture isn't cost prohibitive. But if your choice of flooring isn't compatible with inevitable moisture issues in a basement the price of protecting the flooring can break many home owners budget. Why the hell do so many people insist on CARPET in a basement. Sorry lakebuilder but that goes against everything I've ever learned---------IF the slab is unprotected.

- MISTY FIGUEROA (Carson, CA), 04/03/2019

Thanks Incognito for your input. I realize what youre saying, and no the concrete hasn't been tested for moisture. I'm pretty confident its dry as it gets though. Its from 1977. And the land its built on is sand and gravel. I know the builder well, and he swears that's the case. I've seen a neighboring lot excavation for a walkout and the ground there was such nice gravel that the excavator hauled 250 yds onto a road project. I've left wood and plastic lay on the slab for long stretches of time, (2-3 months) and when I lifted them there was no moisture. I am pretty confident that the moisture issues in the past were due to the ground sloping towards the basement. Like I said, we regraded that all a couple years ago and haven't seen any moisture since. The reason for wanting carpet is purely comfort. Like I said, its to be a seperate living quarters from the upper level. You bring up good points, but I don't see any specific alternatives suggested.

- LAURIE ESTRADA (Berkeley, CA), 04/23/2019

Some like carpet, others like wood,or tile. Some even just paint the floor.

- CLAUDIA GRAVES (Trenton, NJ), 05/14/2019

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