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Is it just me or have you seen a trend of more loop carpet in new homes today? I am mainly focus on hard surface, but it seems to me like I am seeing a lot of multi level loop, pattern loop, etc. in the new homes I happen to visit. Just looking for your comments.
Category: Carpet Post By: VINCENT WATKINS (Haverhill, MA), 01/20/2019

I have noticed a trend of people removing their carpet and putting hard surface in!

- TERRENCE GARNER (Redwood City, CA), 03/23/2019

I'm seeing more and more wool carpets being sold, which by default is increasing the amount of looped product in the market. With the increasing cost of the petrochem fibers, wool just doesn't seem so outrageously overpriced anymore. Funny how carpet prices have almost doubled in the past 15 years, but install rates have fallen. Or not funny at all, depending on where you're sitting....

- ROGER TORRES (San Mateo, CA), 04/07/2019

Carpets and cushion hold odor, and is difficult to clean thoroughly and leaves one to wonder what's below the visible surface. Carpet cushion has evolved into the healthy environment with odor guard and spill thru prevention. I'm unaware of any carpet backing or system that ensures product is as clean as a hard surface. We replace carpet with all types of other flooring, just the other day replaced carpet with laminate, all but two rooms and carpet and pad on my trailer was an odor, the people were clean and no odor while carpet was in home. I would like to know the latest developments in backings that are hygienic, and cleaning systems. Loops are the only way I would go, or if wife wouldn't approve, Frieze , chosen for durability.

- KATIE CONTRERAS (Sioux City, IA), 04/14/2019

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