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Mocked up a miter of the Stanton face to face runner material to see what intersting design I can create from the pattern and I think I have that figured out. I'll see if I can take the 3 options over to let the homeowner decide which she likes best. In the mean time tho... are needle nose pliers legal to use when sewing? It feels kind of unorthodox using them, but it works and the needles are cheap if they get damaged from the pliers. I can get the needle through the material with a bit of persuasion, but pulling it back out is a bit of a nightmare. I'm a pusher, and tried using a larger needle initially but I woulda needed a hammer to get it through the material. I had some 3 #6 needles that worked, but wow, this isn't the most user friendly of materials.......... it's good there won't be a lot of sewing. Probably just the 3 miters and possibly an additional 9 feet if an idea that I have works good. I don't usually put a lot of angle in the two pieces of carpet when sewing them. Would more angle be better? How mugh is too much? I usually use a stretcher pole under the seam when sewing.
Category: Carpet Post By: TAMARA HORTON (Federal Way, WA), 02/09/2019

Get a pair of gloves that has a rubberized coating on them. Also those little finger tips they use for counting money works well. The rug I just sewed up I used a surgical glove. But the one I liked best was the glove with the rubber coating. Surgical gloves work but are hot. I've even heard of guys coating very heavy their fingers with latex but I haven't tried that. Daris

- VELMA MCLAUGHLIN (Temple, TX), 04/27/2019

Hi Lo, after attending Dave and Charlene's sewing seminar I switched and became a pusher and I like to use a sewers palm. He also got me hooked (poor choice of word when combined w/ the word pusher) on a very thin needle. (3'' Long Darners ) They will bend easy if you force it, but we all know that with sewing the use of finesse can go a long way and that means needle placement, so put those cheater glasses on and a sewers palm and have at it. PS> hey Lo, I like to latex the two seam edges and fit them together before sewing, this helps to stabilize the two pcs., making the needle to pass through much easier. Have fun, ~Mike

- JEAN MURPHY (Avondale, AZ), 04/13/2019

I use to rub a bar of soap on the back to get the needle to slide through .

- Decatur HVAC (Loveland, CO), 04/15/2019

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