Forum Title: Wrong pad laid by installer?
We recently had some carpet laid in our house. The installer left one corner unattached to the tack strip, which we discovered when we vacuumed. In walking around the space and looking at the pad underneath, we became concerned that the pad is not what we ordered. We ordered 7/16th, 8-lb. rebond. This pad may be 8-lb. (I have no way to know) but it measures 3/8ths. I called the carpet store and told our salesman that the carpet needs to be reattached in the corner and also shared our concerns about the pad. He said it had to be the right pad because he had the certification (?) for the pad that left the shop. He now says it will be several days before he and the installer can come back out to look at the pad, at which time they will take a sample of the pad to send out for testing. Is that standard procedure when a consumer raises a concern? Wouldn't the width of the pad be easily determined with a ruler, or does a 7/16ths pad not always measure 7/16ths? Thanks for your help.
Category: Carpet Post By: LEONARD AGUILAR (Santa Maria, CA), 01/16/2019

Send it out for testing??? Maybe they don't have high tech devices like tape measures. But that snide remark is not to mean measuring one spot of the pad is the only thing you have to do. Some pad isn't manufactured to tight tolerance levels. Some flaws just get by the inspector on the line. So yeah, the pad can be measured by anyone with a tape, but it needs to be measured in several places. Equally troubling is the ease with which the carpet lifted off the tackless. If stretched tight, that would be difficult to do with the average vacuum, even if it wasn't tucked in like it should be. But that problem just makes it easier to pull the carpet back enough to check the thickness of the pad. If the pad is flawed in that area only, then cut out the thin section and replace it with 7/16 8# pad, then restretch the carpet so it doesn't come up with regular vacuuming. Jim

- TERRY NGUYEN (Orange, CA), 03/31/2019

Yeah, that's what I thought. But maybe they would send it out for testing to confirm that it is 8-lb., under the premise that if we got the wrong pad, the thickness might not be the only problem? Any one have an idea how long it takes to receive such test results? We would like to move furniture back into the space.

- LUIS PATTERSON (Joliet, IL), 05/05/2019

The test is really this easy; ...Go into the shop, and ask them to show you their different pad grades. Odds are very very good they are not the same color.- in 20 years I've never seen the same manufacturer make two different grades in the same color - That's to remove the 'dummy factor'. Then check the color of that pad you payed for against the color of your installed pad. -If it doesn't match up, you either got hoodwinked or their warehouse guy was hung over that morning. If it does match up, then ask for a lab test.

- GREG CURTIS (Memphis, TN), 04/08/2019

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